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Salt Therapy with Sauna and Cold Plunge!

As we familiarize individuals with the advantages of salt therapy through its incorporation into a well-known infrared sauna experience, our next goal is to introduce people to the benefits of contrast therapy. This involves alternating between hot and cold temperatures 1-3 times during a one-hour session.

I consider an infrared sauna paired with a cold plunge tank ideal! The only thing that could surpass this, in my opinion, would be an infrared sauna situated on a beach adjacent to the chilly waters of an ocean or lake. It reminds me of the delightful and energizing experience of a hot tub located by a frigid lake in Minnesota.

Similar to the advantages of Red-Light therapy and infrared saunas, the evidence supporting the benefits of cold plunging and contrast therapy is substantial. However, cold plunging may not be suitable for everyone, and the duration in the cold, the number of transitions between the sauna and plunge, as well as the frequency of these sessions, are all variable. These factors depend on an individual's body composition, physical condition, and prior acclimatization- among other things.

I consider the risk of a negative experience extremely low, and the benefits well worth wading into!

On an important side note, we are excited to announce what's coming to Infrared Salt Therapy. A luxury cold plunge with aromatherapy steam, and a 4-person infrared sauna!

Finally, here's a couple of links I found worth exploring. The first is a short video from the Wall Street Journal:

And here's a fun summary of the current state of research:

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