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A sauna/salt/red light session with us is private for 1-3 people. We have towel service including moist chilled towels for freshening up after.

     Infrared saunas are very soothing, and well researched for their health benefits. These can be viewed here: 

Infrared Therapy Health Studies & Articles | Jacuzzi Saunas (


Salt Therapy is the use of a halogenerator to grind and disperse pharmaceutical grade dry salt aerosol in ideal sized particles to get to the deep lobes of the lungs. These relaxing breathing sessions are a gentle complimentary therapy for a host of respiratory issues, and can be anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and help soften mucous for release. Independent info about salt therapy can be viewed here:

Halotherapy: What It Is and How It Can Help (

Infrared Salt Therapy combines the benefits of either or both of these treatments in single booth sessions. This state of the art "HaloIR" booth from Halotherapy Solutions adds the benefits of chromotherapy, music, and professionally guided meditations. View here:

Infrared with Dry Salt Therapy and Halotherapy - Halotherapy Solutions 

Red Light Therapy is the use of powerful red and near-infrared light to benefit the skin and superficial muscle layers. Info about red light therapy is available here:

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